Management | Development Management

we have been responsible for many high-profile new development and renovation projects throughout South Florida.

Our development management capabilities include both project management and construction management.

We have the experience to implement practical solutions to bring our clients’ visions to fruition and implement value added/engineered & efficient alternatives along the way.

Our team of professionals brings valuable experience and insight to each project with backgrounds in construction management, real estate development, and project management.

We work closely with our affiliates to bring technical expertise when needed in architecture, engineering, and construction. Our experience ranges from privately developed and owned projects to third-party management services for both public and private projects.


  • Obtain approvals from and comply with all regulatory bodies
  • Ensure strong and creative marketing effort
  • Create effective sales and leasing strategy, target the right end users
  • Keep project on budget with proper accounting up to date
  • Ensure legal contracts and documents are created and executed properly
  • Limit liability through risk management and insurance procurement




  • Obtain competitive bids from qualified contractors
  • Utilize construction contracts that protect owner and make terms and under standing between owner and contractor very clear
  • Budgeting, Cost Management, and Reporting
  • Coordinate between the contractors, architects, engineers, and inspectors
  • Obtain permits, lien releases, and other document management