investment | Dispositions

we determine appropriate disposition strategies
for investment properties.

In analyzing disposition timing, CG takes the following factors into consideration:

  • Expected future performance of the property
  • Alternative investments available / Opportunity cost of holding
  • Refinancing alternatives to selling
  • Renovation as an alternative to selling
  • Tax implications of sale including potential changes to tax law
  • Interest rate forecasts and yield curve analysis
  • Availability of 1031 exchange
  • Diversification benefits
  • Asset liquidity


CG takes the position that a property should be sold when the marginal rate of return by holding the investment an additional year falls below the rate at which the proceeds from sale can be reinvested in an alternative investment with similar risk profile.
CG’s team analyzes client assets and potential acquisitions to ensure the highest and best use is implemented. CG advises clients and partners on legislative and regulatory matters at federal, state and local county and city municipalities. CG helps guide clients through the design, entitlement, marketing, sales, construction, and lease-up/closeout phases of development.
Whether you need guidance through a short-term issue or a more complex longer-term challenge requiring higher-level strategic input, we are ready to help.